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About Us

My name is Meena. I am the owner of SWASTH YOGA STUDIO.

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist through VYASA and C- IAYT  (International Association of Yoga Therapist). I studied yoga at the renowned organisation called "VYASA" an institution of learning and research  center founded on the prevention and treatment of disease, and promotion of positive health..

We at Swasth yoga are with vision of enchancing health,happiness,knowledge,and peace in life through a holistic approach to yoga.

Yoga is a lifestyle inspired by a joyful awareness that comes  from daily practice of a Yogic routine.  I am committed to sharing the gift of yoga to my students in a fun filled atmosphere. My classes challenge each student towards the personal development of a better, happier,stronger,and healthier self. Students look forward to their yoga sessions at SWASTH because the time spent here, while challenging,is also relaxing,supportive,and social in spirit. Throughout any given class, I share healthful tips, based on comments from students or from my own observations, experiences, and my continual pursuit of knowledge regarding yoga.

My instructional philosophy is that every individual is different, not only in what they can do, but in how they approach challenges. I support each student in his or her personal development, gently guiding them into a yogic lifestyle that will vastly improve every aspect of their health and their lives.

Please join us for a session. I would love to meet you and talk about your specific needs and goals. It will fun and worth of every minute.

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