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We at Swasth yoga are with a vision of enhancing  health, happiness, knowledge, and peace in life through a holistic approach to yoga. Yoga is a lifestyle inspired by a joyful awareness that comes from the daily practice of a yogic routine.  I am committed to sharing the gift of yoga to my students in a fun filled atmosphere. My classes challenge each student towards the personal development of a better, happier, stronger, and healthier self. Students look forward to their yoga sessions because the time spent here, while challenging, is also relaxing, supportive, and social in spirit. Throughout any given class, I share healthful tips, based on comments from students or from my own observations, experiences, and my continual pursuit of knowledge regarding yoga.


Yoga Therapies

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Today’s lifestyle makes it really hard to stay in a healthy weight. It makes the young people feel uncomfortable with their weight and makes the elders suffer from joint pain, pain while walking and so on.


Back Pain Treatment

These days, Back pain is a very common problem among working professionals and elders. People who sit & work all day long without breaks, who travel frequently.


Sinus Treatment

Sinus is also known as sinusitis. Sinusitis is a disorder that causes swelling in the sinuses ( combined systems of empty cavities in the human skull).

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